Thursday, December 11, 2008

Google Analytics is Watching You!

Lately I've been curious about how many of you "blurkers" are out there. In order to find out I signed up for Google Analytics about a week ago. It's Google's free tool for tracking traffic on websites. So beware; big brother is watching!

No, really.

You wouldn't believe the amount of detail included in these reports. OK, OK, there's no personally identifying information, and everything is presented in aggregate. But still, there's a lot of information. For example, geography. From December 4 - 10th I've had 29 visits; 22 from the US, 6 from Canada, and 1 from Croatia. (Croatia, if you're out there, I'd love to hear from you!).

Also tracked is info about your PC: operating system, browser, Flash and Java version and screen resolution. I've had 25 windows users and 4 mac users; I guess I'm not attracting the cool crowd. Lot's of variety in the browser section: 11 for both Firefox and IE; the 4 mac people use Safari; Google's own Chrome shows up twice, and one visit from someone using Opera. Before today I'd never even heard of Opera.

All kinds of analysis is provided about visitor habits: how many absolute unique visitors (takes out people who come back more than once - if you're wondering there are 14 of you thus far), how long you spend on the site (average of 13 seconds - come on people, that hurts), how many different pages you look at, which pages you looked at, and even which keywords you used to find the site.

Where you come from is tracked - and actually this might be the most interesting one. But I can't give away all my secrets. Check back soon, I'll be posting all kinds of good info. Probably not about you this time though. Probably back to me again. As Van Smack says, more of me and less of you is a good thing.

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