Monday, March 1, 2010

Bubble Theory

A level is a tool comprised of a long straight piece of wood with several sealed pockets of water containing a single bubble. The bubble always floats to the top, allowing the carpenter to see when his work is skewed one way or another. When it is perfectly level (hence the name), the bubble floats in the middle.

This has been a helpful analogy for me recently in my spiritual life. On one side, I can become skewed towards feeling I need to be doing more things for my spiritual life to be healthy (giving more money, sacrificing more, not having as much as I do have). On the other side, I can become skewed towards a sense of ownership or selfishness - these are my things, with which I will do as I please, forgetting all I have (possessions, relationships, position, etc) is given to me by God, and it's his prerogative to take them back as he sees fit.

In the middle is a wonderful balance of complete submission that results in restful peace and enjoyment of my relationship with God, and ready, appropriate action when He brings things to me. Jesus is my example in this. Throughout his whole ministry on earth he sought the rest and peace and joy of constant communion with the Father. He healed those sick whom he came in contact with; he taught those God put in his path; he fed those he encountered who were hungry. He didn't worry about doing enough, about those he hadn't healed or taught or fed; he simply walked in submission and peace responding to the situations the Father saw fit to bring him.