Friday, September 19, 2008

Blog Updates

I've been meaning to update the extra stuff on the fringes of this here blog for awhile, and I finally found time tonight.

Firstly, I added a number of new individuals to the Blog Roll:

Megan H - A good friend of the family's

Katie L - Katie does the typing, but the whole clan is represented. Pat is one of my golfing, fishing, and hockey cohorts.

Rob M - I just discovered Rob's blog today, and I was overjoyed at having found it. Every now and then Rob will send Michelle and I an email, and they're fantastic to read. Who knew a near endless supply of his writing was to be had! His latest post, My Car Makes Me Sin, is extremely entertaining. I highly recommend it.

I also updated my purchase statistics. My goal was to keep new and used purchases at the same level, but it's not working out. Although, I'm going garage sale-ing (I'd like to nominate garage saling as a new English verb. Who do I contact about that?) tomorrow so I might be able to bring things back into balance. Clothing is difficult to buy used, especially professional-type attire. On the other hand, I haven't been to the Goodwill in awhile, so I'm not exactly doing everything I could be doing.

I added Bicycle Commute Statistics because I think it's interesting and because I log the trips at Whatcom Smart Trips anyway, and they do all the hard work. I was actually really surprised at how little money I'm saving; cars are very efficient. On the other hand, I can't believe 68 pounds of carbon dioxide would have been emitted into the atmosphere. That seems like a lot.

That's all.

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