Saturday, February 9, 2008

Caucus Day

This afternoon I attended the Democratic Presidential Preference Caucus for precinct 208, Legislative District 42, here in Whatcom County. It was held in the library of a local elementary school (off topic, but no less noteworthy, I had time to read "Stone Soup", a book about 3 monks who use their culinary abilities, and lack of ingredients, to bring a village back together). There were 128 people present, and an older woman told me that in the past 35 had been a good turnout. About a third were under the age of 30. There was mass confusion about the rules, and it was pretty disorganized, but all in all I was glad I went. In total we had 17 delegates from our precinct to send to the County Convention; of those, 13 went for Obama and 4 went for Clinton. I was pretty happy with that turnout. I considered submitting myself as a candidate to be one of the Obama delegates to the County Convention, but it's on a Saturday in April, and if it's nice outside I might rather be fishing. Plus I heard that it takes all day long, and today's 2 hour session was enough for me. Democracy in small doses please.

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