Monday, February 4, 2008

Catch Up

I've been busy - so this will be an action-packed post.

Movies: I've seen Bucket List and Spy Game since I last posted. Bucket List was OK, but not recommended. You don't need to see it, but Jack Nicholson is entertaining to watch. Spy Game was a good thriller - I really liked watching Robert Redford play the seasoned CIA spy runner. The story was a little unsatisfying, but it's worth seeing if you haven't.

Spiritual Life: I've been wrestling with where my fulfillment comes from. Both work and recreation (fishing) have been unsatisfying surrogates, mostly because I've been looking to them as a primary source of life-meaning. I realize now, thanks to Michelle, that these aren't bad in themselves (there were some real depressing days when I thought I'd have to give up fishing) but that they'll never be enough for me unless I'm already being fulfilled through Christ. And I'm also trying to remember that they will be richest and most enjoyable when I 'm already satisfied in him.

Politics: Washington State's caucuses are this Saturday and I'm going to take the opportunity to participate. Generally I'm a Republican leaning individual (small government, fiscal responsibility) but none of the Republican candidates are even the tiniest bit inspiring. Not to mention the fact that I don't resonate with defense spending or the politicization of some moral issues (abortion, gay marriage) and not others (poverty, racism). I think that about covers the Republican platforms - oh yeah, and I'm not worried about a recession. In fact I'm not sure that I would mind an economic downturn. So that leaves the Democrats. I think I am somewhat of a personal appeal voter, because I can't stand Senator Clinton. Hearing her speak rubs me the wrong way, and her smile seems so stinkin' fake. I think I might vote for anyone but her. Besides, her positions on issues are identical to Obama's, and I like his youth and his idealism much better than her annoying experience. I think in the General Election Hillary Clinton unifies the Republican Party and John McCain appeals to independents - Republicans win. On the other hand, Barack Obama doesn't unify the Republicans (as much) and he appeals to independents and those looking for change (who isn't?) - Democrats win. So I think I want to cast my vote in the Washington State Democratic Caucuses for Obama - another young white male independent going for Obama. I hate being a statistic. Maybe I should look at Ron Paul again.

Fad Interest of the Month: Career as a writer/author. Somebody has to write great fiction - why not me? I'll let you know how it goes.

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