Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reflecting on a Big Day

I've been working in Human Resources at Whatcom County for almost two years, and yesterday I told my boss and several of my coworkers that Michelle and I are planning to move to Canada soon after our daughter is born. We are due March 11, so that means some time in April we will be moving (most likely). I was nervous about sharing this, particularly because I decided, with Michelle's help, that we were confident enough about the timing that we couldn't keep it a secret any longer (even though it's still almost 4 months away).

Both my actual boss and my practical boss were incredibly gracious in receiving the news. Both of them communicated that in life you need to pursue dreams and go after the things that you want to do, and they wouldn't want to hold me back from that. It was refreshing and encouraging to have their support, but also nice to know that both of them felt that I had made significant contributions in my time at the County, and that I would be missed.

Telling my work really adds a sense of finality to the decision. We are for (almost) sure that we are going, and more than likely it will be sometime in April or May. I can now start the job search process in earnest. Wow - lots to process. Better start working on the 'ol resume.


Daniel said...

Ah, yes... resume updates and job hunting: always exciting. I hope all of that goes smoothly! Glad to hear it's going well so far.

Luke and Barbie Bradley said...

Hooray for moving to Canada!

Scott Cripps said...

Looking forward to having you somewhere up here!

Any chance Calgary could be where you end up?


Jared said...

@Scott I think it's going to be Red Deer - not what you wanted hear, I know! The motivation behind the move is to live closer to my parents, and while Calgary is a lot closer I'm not we'd see them a whole lot more than we do now.

But we will see you guys more than we do now - be sure of that!

Michael said...

very exciting man. I keep forgetting you have a blog! This is very good news