Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Writing and Fishing

So I've been trying to earn a few more bucks on Helium the last few days. I got paid $12 (woo-hoo!) a couple days ago, and I got a PayPal account all set up, and my $12 is burning a whole in... well, I want to spend it. Actually, I'm still not convinced it's real. It's money from the internet. All of my instincts tell me money from the internet isn't real. So I'm anxious to convert my internet money into some real products. Specifically fishing-related products.

The hang-up, and why I want to earn a little more money, is that shipping is $4.95 up to a certain limit. So I want to get as much stuff as possible to spread the shipping cost out. Despite the fact that I'm not sure it's real, I still gotta be responsible with my internet money.

Speaking of fishing-related products, Michelle's dad bought a boat last weekend! It's a 14' Sears Gamefisher (used of course), with a trailer. Should make this summer's outings a little more comfortable!

In other news, Astonishing X-Men just keeps getting better. I laughed out loud a few times, and the story is getting more and more engrossing. On the other side of the literary world, To Kill a Mockingbird has been fantastic as well. Harper Lee builds the kid perspective into the narration so well that it still catches me off guard sometimes. I know I'm probably supposed to like him and all, but I hope that as a father I'll be half as smart as Atticus Finch. I'm just finishing Part 1, but I'll keep you posted.

Hopefully you're enjoying spring if it's come yet - I heard Alberta got a blizzard recently! I'd say neener-neener-neener, but the weather would probably go south (no pun intended) before I got done.

I'll leave you with the best bumper sticker I've seen recently:
Homer, Alaska:
A quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem.

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