Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Life of the Beloved

I picked up Henri Nouwen's Life of the Beloved a few days ago. Michelle and I started reading it together a couple of months ago, but it fell by the wayside. For some reason it really connected with me this time. It's a small book, and it's very easy to read. At the same time, there are profound truths on every page. It's the type of classic that I think I will appreciate more every time I re-read it.

I started reading a new genre today: the graphic novel. I picked up Astonishing X-Men: Gifted this evening on my way home. In this case a graphic novel is six comic books bound together, but on the plus side there aren't any annoying adds or anything. So far it's pretty good. I got thinking about comics because Michelle and I started watching the first season of Heroes. It's been pretty engrossing so far.

Interesting fact I recently learned: Google is willing to give away their 411 service (1-800-goog-411) because they use it to improve their voice recognition algorithms. How smart is that? So next time you call goog-411, make sure to try out your best Sylvester Stallone accent. Learn that Google.

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