Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brand Impressions - Hanes

Recently I bought a package of Hanes T-shirts at my local Target. The tag indicated they were made in Honduras.

I sent an email to Hanes asking about both environmental and human rights issues. I mentioned that their response would go a long way to shaping my impression of their brand. Unfortunately, that was over a week ago and I still haven't heard anything. I also checked their website - no mention of an environmental, human rights, community involvement or any other type of corporate responsibility program or policy. Unfortunately, no information doesn't equal no message.

In the last few years, my buying habits have changed and I've begun taking into consideration:
  • where products are manufactured;
  • the amount and recycle-ability of packaging;
  • my perception of the brand's environmental conscientiousness; and
  • my perception of the brand's human rights impacts.
The last two are almost purely conjecture based on what I see on the product packaging, and my perceptions of what environmental and human rights conditions exist in the country where the item was produced. Relying on my own perceptions leaves plenty of room for incorrect assumptions. I had hoped that brands like Hanes could give me some real information to accurately shape my perspective of the brand. Alas, I'm left to assume the worst about Hanes and their products.

It's a shame, because the shirts are really nice. Guess I'll try Fruit of the Loom next time.


Elizabeth Castro said...

I would like to put you in touch with someone from Hanesbrands who can answer your questions. Please email me at Elizabeth.castro@omalleyhansen.com.

Brian Graham said...

Maybe these sites can help:

1. http://www.hanesbrands.com/hbi/templates/OurCompany/OurValues.aspx

2. http://www.hanesbullseye.com/Globals/CSR.aspx

They might answer some of your questions. Just happened across your posting while I am conducting research on the environmental impacts of my clothing choices for a class.