Saturday, August 16, 2008

NW Washington Fair!

It's Fair week, and Michelle and I went out on Thursday afternoon. I was most excited about the food, and it didn't disappoint. I had, in chronological order, a Hawaiian Shaved Ice (to cool off from the trip out - no A/C), a half a basket of fresh cut curly fries, a delicious strawberry lemonade with real lemon, a chocolate-dipped vanilla ice cream bar from the Boy Scout booth (Haggen-Daas has nothing on those boy scouts), corn-on-the-cob, buttered and salted, also from the Boy Scouts, and poffertjes, which are little dutch pastries served with butter and powdered sugar. At first I thought they would be better with syrup, but then I realized I just wasn't using enough butter. The best food booth was, by far, the Lynden PTA stand. They're prices are the cheapest at the Fair, and when we got to the front of the line we asked about water (usually $2.50 for Dasani) and explained that we wanted a HUGE drink, but didn't really want that much sugary pop. They gave us a "Tanker" size cup filled with ice and water - FREE! Nothing is free at the fair - heck, we were willing to pay for it if we had too. Anyway, they earned my wholehearted endorsement. Here is Michelle with the Tanker:

We also saw a horse show, with teams of Clydesdale horses navigating a course and backing up to the stage. It was interesting how they backed the wagons in. The whole thing kind of reminded me of trying to get my drivers license as a kid. Here's what I think was the winning team:

We spent a good amount of time walking through the livestock barns. The poultry barn contained all manner of chickens and roosters and ducks and game hens, and this little critter. Michelle thought it was cute, so we watched it for awhile. It didn't move. It took us way too long to figure out that it was stuffed. Yes, fake. We're those city people who take pictures of the only fake bird in a barn of 300+ birds. You gotta admit, he's cute. A baby emu I'm told.

My favorite was the goat barn. It brings back memories of being a kid, since we had goats on the farm. Floppy-eared goats, cute (and mischievous), like this one:

So that's it for the fair. Make sure you hit the Lynden PTA booth. Best food at the fair. Here's a picture of our garden, as it was in late July. The cucumbers, of which there are three little hills in the picture, have since taken over. And I'm hoping to have bell peppers soon.

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