Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Blizzard!

Michelle and I left the house this morning at about 10 past 8. We met Dave, Colleen, and Ben for breakfast at Old Town Cafe in Bellingham, and by the time we left the snow was coming down like crazy. Not only does Bellingham go for years at a time without seeing snow, I'm not sure there's EVER been snow in late March. Not like this anyway. Michelle and I were going to spend some time gardening today; last weekend Dean and Richard stayed with us and went golfing; I've been itching to go fishing; and now this:

To highlight the disparity between what I was hoping for and what I got weather-wise, here's my Texas-rigged plastic worm, all set to go, against the snowy backdrop:

Well, despite my previous post, I guess spring has un-sprung. More than likely it'll all melt by this evening; even now the snow is turning to rain.

In other news, Michelle and I watched No Reservations a few nights ago. It was better than I expected, and a good date movie. The best part was watching the chefs at work. It was cool to see the kitchen of a really upscale restaurant in action.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jared,
we're getting one of these for the next four days in Calgary. Interested to hear more about Churchill, I would love to hear more about it from you and then I don't have to read it!!!


Jared said...

Hey Eric,

Good to hear from you! All I have to say about Churchill is if you want a comprehensive biography, that's not the one for you. If you're looking for an entertaining if biased read, you'll enjoy it. I haven't compared it to any other Churchill biographies, but I'd hazard a guess it's as thorough regarding Churchill's early life as any. The book's half over before Churchill's 25!

So how are Scott and Luke doing? I check there blogs... nothing. I email them... nothing. I thought maybe they gave up the internet for Lent. Oh well - good to hear from you!

Jared said...

As soon as I complain about it and Scott posts three times! Amazing!