Monday, January 7, 2008

Blue Like Jazz

I finished reading Blue Like Jazz a few days ago. I have to say that I was struck most not by what he said, but by the way he said it; by his ability to share as an equal. He did all the talking, and yet I didn't feel talked down to or taught. I actually felt really lucky that I could listen in as he shared about his life. The tone and voice of this book will be wit me for a long time. I have led bible studies and shared things with people, but I think it's always been one-way - sometimes I feel like a conversation killer. But I was blown away by Don's ability to make me feel like his close friend and not his pupil. I was impacted by the things he said, most notably the subtle way that our culture has made love a commodity. It is so natural to reward those who are like us; in appearance, in speech, in mindset. We've developed codes and christian pass-phrases so we know who to smile warmly at, and who will return the favor. It comes so easy, and yet it is so unChrist-like. I've been struggling with how to be warm and affirm the blessedness, as Nouwen says, of those whose lifestyles and experiences are divergent from my own.

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Barbie said...

hey jared, and hey to you michelle! jared- you say things that people like me whish they could say. whitty, and clever, and most of all, true!